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Beer House Ken in Fuchu, Tokyo

by Rob
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Beer House Ken : The Bottom Line

Like the Vertere Bottle Shop review a few week back, it’s weird to be writing a review for a place that is a bottle shop first, and a bar second. However, like that review, Beer House Ken is a good little place to pick up a few beers if you’re in the area and has a reasonable selction of beers. It doesn’t have the biggest selection though so if you’re looking for something that has just arrived, or a limited edition beer, you may not be in luck.

Beer House Ken Inside

Beer House Ken : The Full Write Up

Beer House Ken has been sitting in the doldrums of write ups as it has been a challenging one to think about and what to say. It’s a bottle shop first and foremost, but there is a tap or two of beer for those that want something fresh off of a keg to drink it seems. Like the Vertere ride, Beer House Ken was part of a cycling route I did and was the first stop on what happened to take me to some other places, such as Sakamichi Brewing and Shared Brewery – a morning stop off if you will for a late breakfast and beer.

Beer House Ken is located in Fuchu, and is found dead central between the three main stations in the city – Fuchu Station (Keio line), Fuchukeibaseimon-Mae (Keio Keibajo line), and Fuchuhommachi (Yokohama line) – so you could come from any of them and it’s about a 5 minute walk. Which means Beer House Ken is a good chance for you to pick up some beers before you gamble all of your beer money away.

In terms of beer, Beer House Ken has a six fridges of domestic and imports, though the range isn’t the widest that I have come across. There was most Baird Beer, Hitachino Nest, Baeren, and some others from across Japan. You’re not going to find too many rare limited editions of beers at Beer House Ken but the prices were reasonable. There was also a tap or two of draught beer, with it being domestic on the day. While you can drink in the shop, most, if not all the customers, were picking up beers and geting some plastic cups to walk and drink on the day.


Beer House Ken also has an online shop; however, it’s pretty old at the time of writing and could do with heavily been updated. The site mentions that they have stopped doing domestic sales for the time being, but it’s unknown when that was added to the site.

Beer House Ken : Details

  • Open : Thursday to Tuesday 11:00 – 21:00
  • Closed : Wednesdays
  • Phone : 042-369-7710
  • Homepage : http://www.bhken.com/
  • Social Media : Facebook / Twitter

Beer House Ken : Getting There

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