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Cheap Chic Impact IPA by Cheap Chic Brewing

by Rob
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Cheap Chic Impact IPA by Cheap Chic Brewing is a 7% hazy IPA from Cheap Chic Brewing, based in Aizawakamatsu, in Fukushima, Japan. It’s part of their draught lineup, though whether if it’s a regular beer or not is unknown at the time of writing.

Cheap Chic Impact IPA : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 7%
  • Style : Hazy IPA
  • Hops :
  • IBU :


Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Citrus and tropical – lemon with mango and pineapple. Light saltiness to nose with subtle sweetness.
  • Notable Tastes : Smooth bitterness of citrus and tropical fruits. Slight saltiness when warm. Lingering fruity aftertaste.

Cheap Chic Impact IPA : Aroma and Taste

I must apologise for the lack of information about Cheap Chic Impact IPA – I have tried searching for it in Japanese and in English, but there wasn’t anything about it online. Their social media content has nothing about this beer and the staff I asked at Craftsman Yokohama also didn’t know anything about it. That last point was worrying as if you’re going to be serving a beer, then the staff should know a little about it, considering the menu had only the style and ABV on it.

Cheap Chic Impact IPA came up a hazy golden orange colour with a thick sticky head that left lots of lacing down the side. That could be the gas levels at Craftsman Yokohama – they’re pretty notorious at the moment for taking time to pour their beers due to gas line issues, so that’s on them and not Cheap Chic Brewing. However, the beer did have a nice citrus and tropical nose to it – lemon and mango along with some pineapple – and a touch of malt sweetness going on. However, Cheap Chic Brewing had clearly done something to their brewing water as there was a note of saltiness becoming more present as it warmed up.

The body to Cheap Chic Impact IPA began with a smooth bitterness that was followed up with some citrus and tropical notes – more lemon and mango alongside the pineapple. It was a pretty decent tasting beer, though the slight saltiness was present as the beer warmed up. This saltiness, while lingering, was an underlying flavour as the fruitiness in Cheap Chic Impact IPA reigned supreme.


Cheap Chic Impact IPA : The Bottom Line

Cheap Chic Impact IPA was a good surprise – I might order it again if I see it on the menu but maybe just bring the chlorides down please.

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