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AJB Libushi IPA by Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company

by Rob
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AJB Libushi IPA

AJB Libushi IPA is an 8% double / imperial IPA from Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company, based in Nozawa Onsen, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their draft lineup, and as of October 2018, can also be found in bottles too.

AJB Libushi IPA

AJB Libushi IPA Aroma and Taste

AJB Libushi IPA came up a hazy yellowy-orange colour with a hint of brown to it. I almost forgot to take its picture but remembered halfway through. It had strong pine, resin, grapefruit and lemony nose to it, with a hint of some rich biscuit malts coming through too. A lot was going on in the nose but it all the aromas were well-balanced with one another.

There was an initial bitter kick to AJB Libushi IPA – nothing out of the ordinary for what is essential a double IPA at this strength. The body carried the pine and resin flavours right through until the end of drinking. However, the citrus flavours were a little less pronounced than in the nose. Not a bad thing but some balancing out would help AJB Libushi IPA offset the sweetness from the malts. The caramel flavours came through and lingered through the aftertaste to produce a slightly sticky texture on the tongue.


AJB Libushi IPA The Bottom Line

AJB Libushi IPA isn’t going to set the world alight but it’s a solid, well-made double IPA.

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