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Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka in Totsuka, Kanagawa

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Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka The Bottom Line

If you’re a train spotter and like beer, then you’ve got the perfect place to sit and do both at Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka. On the other hand, if you just like beer then you’ve also got a good choice, but it’s a bit out of the ways for most people to get to. I liked being able to sit outside on some pub benches with some cold, traditional style Czech beers, but I’d avoid the American style beers here, if you are so inclined to drink them. Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka is non-smoking and has free wifi too but doesn’t deviate too much from the Yokohama Bay Brewing Kannai at all.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Inside

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka The Full Review

So lockdown was coming up, I was free, and shock horror, I wanted to cycle somewhere to have a beer; however, I didn’t want to cycle too far. I had thought about going over to Quays Pacific Bar & Grill in Minatomirai for a couple of beers, but then I would have to get the train back and wasn’t feeling up to it. Then I realised, wait, Yokohama Bay Brewing is around the corner – well only a 7km cycle – and I can get some beers to takeaway. So out came the bike, on went the shorts and t-shirt, it was 22c that day and clear blue skies, so over I went.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka is the second in the chain of bars, and surprisingly, has been opened since July 2017. However, Totsuka isn’t really known for its craft beer scene, in fact, Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka is the only place that we’ve come across in the area to drink craft beer. The bar is located about a 5 minute walk from Totsuka station, which is on the JR Tokaido and Yokosuka line stops, and also on the Yokohama Blue Line.


Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka Atmosphere & Interior

The inside of Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka is much smaller than the outside belies – kind of like a reverse TARDIS. In spite of saying that, it is rather quaint inside, with lots of wood decor and benches around the horseshoe shaped bar, that has some traditional style Czech beer taps, as well as more modern American style ones. There is also a small outside drinking area to the left of the bar, with even weirder benches that are designed so you sit next to someone rather than across from someone. Inside, there is space for about 20 people, all seated, and outside has space for about 8 people, so get there early if the weather is good. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge, as well as some free Wifi too.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka Approach to Covid-19

We visited Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka just before another state of emergency kicked in; however, the bar and staff were adhering to the outlines set out strictly. Groups could only next to each other if there was space, and there was lots of plastic dividers and screens between tables and people. All of the staff were wearing masks and there was plenty of alcohol around the bar for use. Social distancing was also being encouraged so there was, at one point, rather a long line for the bar, but only because of distancing being employed.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Beer 1Yokohama Bay Brewing Beer 2Yokohama Bay Brewing Beer 3Yokohama Bay Brewing Beer 4Yokohama Bay Brewing Beer 5

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka Beer & Tap Information

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka had nine taps of beer on, with of course a heavy leaning towards their own beers, but there were a couple of guest taps on when we went. The beers come in two sizes; though it did depend on whether you were drinking the traditional style beers or the American style beer. Traditional beers came in half lager glass (300ml) from ¥700, and large glass (500ml) from ¥1,000. American style beers came in half US pint (240ml) from ¥650, and US pint (473ml) from ¥1,000. The pours for the traditional style beers were iffy if you weren’t used to them – i.e. lots of frothy head – but the glasses themselves did have lines on them to indicate the liquid amounts. The American style beers came in with barely any head, and filled to the brim. However, there was no happy hour nor any beer flight. There were some bottles to takeaway in a small fridge, but those couldn’t be drunk inside.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Food

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka Food Information

If you have visited the Kannai branch of Yokohama Bay Brewing then you know about the potatoes – mashed up and extruded then fried. Gorgeous. That was the only thing I wanted at Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka; however, there are other things, such as sushi and fried foods. In terms of vegetarian content, there isn’t much! The menus had no English on them, so make sure you are with someone that can read or speak Japanese, but the prices included tax.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka Details

  • Open: Weekdays 17:00 to 23:30 (L.O Food 22:30 Drink 23:00) Saturday 13:00 to 23:30 (L.O Food 22:30 Drink 23:00) Sundays / National Holidays 13:00 to 23:00 (L.O Food 22:00 Drink 22:30)
  • Closed: N/A
  • Happy Hour: N/A
  • Phone: 045-392-6066
  • Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.yokohamabaybrewing.jp/
  • Social Media: Facebook

How to Get to Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka

Yokohama Bay Brewing Totsuka is located about a 5 minute walk from Totsuka station, which is on the JR Tokaido and Yokosuka line stops, and also on the Yokohama Blue Line.

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