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Kawaba Beer Information

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Kawaba Beer is a brewery located in Kawaba village, in Gunma, Japan. Kawaba Beer started operations in April 1998 and is owned by Denen Plaza Kawaba – a sprawling complex of small shops and restaurants. The name “Kawaba” roughly translates “The Place of Rivers” named because the village is surrounded by five rivers and many mountain streams. Kawaba Village also sits at the southern foot of Mt. Hotaka – one of Japan’s most sacred mountains. Kawaba Beer is also one of the few breweries in Japan that exports most of their beer, and the beers have been seen in Hawaii and Los Angelese, among other places on the West Coast of USA.

Kawaba Beer Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Kawaba Beer.

  • Kawaba Premium IPA – an 8% double IPA brewed using imported American hops.
  • Kawaba Red Ale – a 5% amber ale brewed using German hops and malts.
  • Kawaba Weizen – a 5% German hefeweizen brewed using German hops and malts.

Kawaba Beer Details

Address: 〒378-0111 385 Hagimuro, Kawaba, Tone, Gunma

Phone: 0278-52-3711


Homepage: http://kawababeer.com/

Brewery Store: https://www.denenplaza.co.jp/shop/items/c/gift

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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