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Locobeer Logo

Locobeer, now in its second incarnation as a brewery, first started out as Shimono Loco Beer in 1998 but was eventually bought out by head brewer Kagitani Momoya, who is still there to this day. Kagitani-san kept some of the original beers first brewed by Shimono Loco Beer but since then, she has added some more of her own variations after trips to Germany. The name, which is a play on the words “local” and “beer” can be found in Beer O’Clock in Chiba, and also other bars across the Kanto region, along as on their online store.

Locobeer Main Line Up

The following beers are part of the all-year round up:

  • Locobeer Sakura Steam – A 5% California Commons style beer that uses lager yeast fermented at warmer temperatures.
  • Locobeer Sakura Kaori no Nama – A 5% kölsch style beer that came about after Kagitani’s visits to Cologne, Germany.

Seasonal Line Up

The following beers are seasonal releases throughout the year.




  • Locobeer General Winter – A 7% “old ale” that is roughly equivalent to lying somewhere inbetween a barley wine.
  • Locobeer InBA by Locobeer – A 6% India Black Ale though each year uses a different hop with this 2018 edition using Ibuki hops.


  • Locobeer Saison de Noël – A 9% saison beer that is brewed to be drunk with friends and family. Comes in a 750ml wine bottle.

Limited Edition Line Up

These are, at the time of writing, blink and miss it beers. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. For good. Perhaps.

  • Locobeer American Barleywine– A 9.5% barley wine style beer that is brewed as part of the one year anniversary celebration. It was aged for eight months in the bright tank and then two months in bottles before going on sale in October 2013.
  • Locobeer Geishun (New Year’s Greetings) – An 8.5% Belgian Tripel brewed with Noble hops and is sold in 750ml bottles.
  • Locobeer Imperial Stout – A 9% imperial stout that is part of their 5th anniversary celebration range and is on sale for a limited number of bottles.
  • Locobeer Peanuts Jiro – a 5% milk stout brewed for Beer O’Clock, a craft beer bar in Chiba, and their sixth anniversary, and Bistro Recolte’s second anniversary.
  • Locobeer Pink Boots Blend Milkshake IPA – a 7% Milkshake IPA brewed for their 2019 efforts and uses the Pink Boots Blend Hop supplied by Yakima Chief Hops, which “consists of a well-rounded mix of Pacific Northwestern hop varieties, including Loral®, Mosaic®, Simcoe®, Sabro™ and Glacier.”
  • Locobeer Tangerine Trip – A 5.5% saison style beer that uses locally sourced Fukure oranges in the fermentation process and Belgian beer.
  • Locobeer Wee Heavy – An 8.5% strong Scotch Ale that is sold in 750ml bottles that undergoes fermentation for a month and then aging for seven months.

Locobeer Details

Address: 〒285-0854 Chiba-ken, Sakura-shi, Joza 1193

Homepage: http://www.locobeer.jp/home_ja.php

Online store: http://shop.locobeer.jp/

Social Network: FacebookTwitter

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