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Kawaba Weizen by Kawaba Beer

by Rob

Kawaba Weizen is a German hefeweizen beer from Kawaba Beer, based in Gunma. It can also be found under the brand Kawaba Snow Weizen. It’s on sale year round and has an abv of 5%.

Kawaba Weizen

Mmmmm perhaps someone didn’t read the blurb about unfiltered beer.

Kawaba Weizen Aroma and Taste

The first thing I noticed with Kawaba Weizen is that it appeared to be a reasonably clear golden straw colour – unusual for a hefeweizen which are usually cloudy or opaque. It had a decent enough amount of head but it was pretty sticky in that it left a weird coating around my mouth when I drank it. Trying to get any hint of aroma off of Kawaba Weizen proved as equally as weird as there wasn’t much to get – a wee tinge of wheat and a mere dribble of banana with a dash of malts thrown in. Not offensive by any means but not outstanding either.

Kawaba Weizen didn’t fair much better drinking wise either. The insipid aromas had spread their lacklustre to the body with perhaps the body resembling more of a pale ale than an actual hefeweizen. Maybe someone just added a small grain bag containing banana peels and lemons to induce some flavour into it.

It all finished as it had started: insipid aroma, lacklustre body, with a fleeting aftertaste to boot. Before I knew it, Kawaba Weizen was gone and I was none the better off. Time to crack open another beer.


Kawaba Weizen One Line Review

Kawaba Weizen is the perfect example of making beer for beer’s sake. Just leave it on the shelf and pick up a different hefeweizen.

Where to Buy Kawaba Weizen

Kawaba Weizen can be bought from the following places:

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Christopher Phillips November 7, 2015 - 11:58 am

had a 500ml bottle of this last night. thought it was fine. did you swirl the yeast at the bottom of the bottle? it was a little pnenolic for a weizen but otherwise ok. not excellent and a little weird and sweet and phenolic but i drank it all easily. their beers can go up and down. the 2 times i hit the brewery, first, the pilsner was good, second time it was crap.

Rob November 8, 2015 - 9:07 pm

Nope, but then I can’t really imagine it changing the flavours too much.

I’ll buy another bottle next year if I come across it but with so many better weizens on the market, it’s going to be hard coming back to this.

Christopher Phillips November 8, 2015 - 12:17 am

p.s. possibly better than the fujisakura tonight


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