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Mimasaka Citrus Weizen by Mimasaka Beer Works

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Mimasaka Citrus Weizen is a 5% fruited hefeweizen from Mimasaka Beer Works, based in Maniwa, in Okayama, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap, though its availability at the time of writing is unknown. As the name suggests, Mimasaka Beer Works is brewed using lemons grown in the region.

Mimasaka Citrus Weizen

Mimasaka Citrus Weizen Aroma and Taste

Mimasaka Citrus Weizen poured out a very hazy golden orange colour with a massive amount of plump white head on top that clung to the side of the glass throughout drinking, leaving sticky white streaks down in the insides. There was two distinct aromas going on when Mimasaka Citrus Weizen was chilled: the first being a strong vibrant lemon aroma, with a banana yeasty backbone behind it. It was almost as if someone had made a weizen and then dumped in some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Once Mimasaka Citrus Weizen had warmed up, there was few more aromas going on, with a creamy, wheaty malt note coming through, alongside some of the spiciness from the yeast. There was a lot going in in terms of aroma, but it was well-balanced and pleasant on the nose.

The body to Mimasaka Citrus Weizen was as vibrant as the nose led me to believe. A zesty lemony hit, with some banana flavours going on in the background meant my taste buds were in for an interesting ride. As the beer warmed up, the pepperiness from the yeast came more to the forefront, with a thick, chewy body of wheaty malts too. The flavours were nicely balanced and the citrus aspect of the beer was not overpowering nor overly bitter. The lemon and banana flavours were the ones that lingered the most in the aftertaste.


Mimasaka Citrus Weizen The Bottom Line

Mimasaka Citrus Weizen was a nice take on a style that would be suited to summer drinking.

Where to Buy Mimasaka Citrus Weizen

Mimasaka Citrus Weizen can be bought online at the following places:

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