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Yorocco Ace of Space by Yorocco Beer

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Yorocco Ace of Space is a 5.5% black saison from Yorocco Beer, based in Zushi, Kanagawa. It’s part of a limited edition range and was brewed as a collaborative effort with Metal Battle Japan, with the label being designed by Mystery Cuts Radio (who shall remain nameless to ensure his rock legend). The name, if you hadn’t guessed, is a tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead, though why they didn’t go for an abv of 6.66% is slightly perplexing. It’s brewed with Nugget, Centennial, Amarillo, Citra and the in-house Belgian yeast too. At the time of writing, Yorocco Ace of Space can be found in both bottles and on tap though in limited supply.

Yorocco Ace of Space

Lemmy would have been proud of this.

Yorocco Ace of Space Aroma and Taste

I narrowly missed out on Yorocco Ace of Space when it was on tap at Yorocco Beer but Yorocco Beer kindly sent an email out to say they also had some bottles of this stuff and it duly arrived the next day. Cold. It poured out a pitch black colour with a slight tan head on top, though it dissipated fairly quickly to a thin amount on top. It had some strong aromas of aniseed, chocolate, and also a burnt, well, hash brownie aroma to it. There was a slight hint of Belgian yeast funk in there but it was pretty hard to smell with the other dominating aromas.

If Yorocco Beer and Metal Battle Japan had planned to aim for a hash brownie taste in the body then it was far from it. It had a faint taste of those kinds of brownies but the sourness came through straight away. The carbonation was quite high too so that may have affected the sourness of the beer too. It wasn’t a bad tasting beer by any means, but with some coffee notes coming through as well, Yorocco Ace of Space ended up as a bit of a mixed bag really.

Yorocco Ace of Space One Line Review

Yorocco Ace of Space is an interesting beer, it’s a dark saison, but there was too much going on really for my liking.


Where to Buy Yorocco Ace of Space

Yorocco Ace of Space can be bought online from the Yorocco Beer homepage.

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