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West Coast The Nemesis by West Coast Brewing

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West Coast The Nemesis is an 11% imperial stout from West Coast Brewing, based in Shizuoka, in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their winter edition lineup, and can be found in both cans and on tap. West Coast The Nemesis is brewed with cacao nibs as well as coffee beans sourced from Hug Coffee, the sister shop to Hug Hop in Shizuoka.

West Coast The Nemesis・ウェストコーストザネメシス

West Coast The Nemesis Aroma and Taste

First things first, I know that this beer probably isn’t on sale when this post first goes out – I had completely forgotten about this beer at the back of the fridge, and I only remembered when I was getting shouted at for having too many beers in the fridge. Because it had been stored at such a low temperature, it was good for aging but I was thirsty and wanted something big, bold, and roasty.

West Coast The Nemesis poured out a pitch black with a gloopy texture to it, along with a thick, bubbly, off-white coloured head that had speckles of dark brown and black going on. The head clung to the side of the glass throughout drinking, leaving muddy streaks down the side as the beer went down. The aroma coming off of West Coast The Nemesis was a thick coffee, chocolate, and creamy one, with some hints of roasted black malt that were neither acrid nor overpowering. Once West Coast The Nemesis had warmed up, something you have to do with an imperial stout, the nose did have some booziness coming off of it, but at 11% that was to be expected.


At 500ml, I did wonder if I had made a mistake though as drinking that much imperial stout may cause some problems. But who cares!

The body was thick and gloopy, with a deep, rich flavour of coffee and chocolate, and the black malts were more roasty than acidic. The flavours in West Coast The Nemesis were all nicely merged together, though I wish I had kept it for a cold winter’s night, and not a mild spring evening. West Coast The Nemesis finished off with a lingering coffee and black malt roastiness that were both smooth and light.

West Coast The Nemesis The Bottom Line

Coffee and  imperial stouts go well, and West Coast The Nemesis supports that.

Where to Buy West Coast The Nemesis

West Coast The Nemesis can be bought online at the following places:

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