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Matsue Pale Ale by Shimane Beer Company

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Matsue Pale Ale is an English style pale ale from Shimane Beer Company. It has an abv of 5% and is part of the all-year range from Shimane Beer Company that can be bought either in cans, bottles, or on draught form.

Matsue Pale Ale

Deep bronze colour topped with some off-white head.

Matsue Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

The first thing I noticed when Matsue Pale Ale quickly left the can was how deep brown the colour was of the body. It’s was an unusual site to see something so dark considering the pale ales we’ve had in the past. The head as well was an off-white brownish pile of fluffiness that sat atop of the beer proudly until retreating into the beer during drinking, which means more beer right? The aroma was a nice and citrusy with a lacing of malts there that were balanced well.

Matsue Pale Ale started off well but the mixed hop and malt balance was a tad more peculiar in the drinking. The malts were far more forward than in the aroma, with a rich earthiness to it that felt like those mud coffees growing up. Surely everyone has tried a mud coffee? Or was it just my sisters forcing them upon me? The hops were present to create a subtle bitterness but the lack of citrus bite was a bit of a let down considering it’s prominence in the aroma. Matsue Pale Ale finished off with the hops creating a bitter edge that took a bit of the malt sweetness off.

Matsue Pale Ale One Line Review

Matsue Pale Ale is a nice pale ale to sip on a hot summer’s day.


Where to Buy Matsue Pale Ale

Matsue Pale Ale can be bought from the following places:

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