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Teenage Daily Routine

by Rob
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Teenage Daily Routine : Background

Teenage Daily Routine is 4.5% kveik pilsner from Teenage Brewing, based in Saitama. It’s part of their canned and draught lineup, though at the time of writing, it’s unknown whether it’s part of their regular or limited lineup. With it being influenced by Czech Pilsners, the only hop used in the making of this beer is imported Czech Saaz hops. Like other beers from Teenage Brewing, there is a recommended album and song : Animal Collective – Daily Routine (Song) and Lars Horntveth – Pooka (Album)

Teenage Daily Routine : At A Glance

  • ABV : 4.5%
  • Style : Kveik pilsner
  • Hops : Saaz
  • Adjuncts : –
  • IBU : –

Teenage Daily Routine : Sale Information

  • Availability :-
  • On Sale : From March 2023
  • Size : 500 ml

Teenage Daily Routine : Appearance

Slight chill haze to the beer, with a dark honey straw colour. Head was light and thin, with some bubbles left down the side of the glass.

Teenage Daily Routine : Aroma

Floral hoppy aroma, with a dry body. Very little malt aroma coming off the beer – pretty much all light hop aroma.

Teenage Daily Routine : Taste

Very dry body – hard to know if this is actually a pilsner or a pale ale. Barely any malt profile to the beer, with some floral hop notes permeating through.


Teenage Daily Routine : The Bottom Line

If you’re paying this much for a beer, then you want something that is going to have some flavour and body to it. This beer has barely any of it.

Teenage Daily Routine : Where to Buy

Teenage Daily Routine can be bought online at the following places:

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