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Kobo Brewery is a small microbrewery out in Toyama city, in Toyama, Japan. The brewery opened in 2017 when Jiri Kotynek, perhaps better known as Kochas, left Nihonkai Beer Club and started up Kobo Brewery with his friend Boris Priesol. Located at the base of Mt Tate, Kobo Brewery, which is sometimes stylized as KOBO Brewery, craft brews aim to bring together friends and families. The brewery’s name combines “KO” from KOtâs, and “Bo” BOris. Moreover, the word “kobo” also has a Japanese meaning of “yeast” (酵母・こうぼ) or “factory” (工房・こうぼう).

Kobo Brewery Lineup

The following beers are part of Kobo Brewery’s regular lineup. :

Kobo Brewery Details

Address: 34-35 Shimoshinmachi, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken, 930-0804

Phone: 090-3768-7481

Homepage: https://www.kobobrewery.jp/

Brewery Store: https://www.kobobrewery.jp/products

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram


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