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Nihonkai Beer Club, or sometimes known as Heart & Beer Nihonkai Beer Club, is perhaps one of Japan’s most remote breweries, as it is located on the Noto peninsula, in Ishikawa prefecture, hence the name Nihonkai which means “Japan Sea”. The brewery opened up in June 1998, and since then, have been primarily focused on Czech style beers. All of the beers from Nihonkai Beer Club are made using 100% malt and hops imported in from Europe where possible. The beers are also non-pasteurized nor are they filtered either before bottling. As the brewery is located next to the sea, they also use deep sea water from the Kujuku Bay before treating it as their main brewing water.

Nihonkai Beer Club Bottled Lineup

The following beers are part of Nihonkai Beer Club’s bottled line up:

  • Nihonkai Beer Pilsner – a 5% Czech pilsner brewed using imported Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and has also won silver medal at the International Beer Cup in 2008 and 2010-11.
  • Nihonkai Beer Dark Lager – a 5% Czech-style dark lager, sometimes referred to as a dunkel or a tmavý style, rewed using imported German Pilsen malt, Munchen malt, and Caraaroma malt, along with British black malt along with imported Czech Saaz hops.
  • Nihonkai Beer Weizen – a 5% hefeweizen brewed using imported German malt and hops.

Nihonkai Beer Club Draft Lineup

The following are part of Nihonkai Beer Club’s draft line up that we’ve had:

  • Nihonkai IBA – a 7% American brown ale / India pale ale with the hop used in the beer for aroma being Cascade.

Nihonkai Beer Club Details

Address: 92 Tachikabe, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan 927-0605

Phone: 0768-72-8181

Homepage (in Japanese):

Brewery Store:

Social Media: Facebook

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