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Y Market Nachtmusik by Y Market Brewing

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Y Market Nachtmusik is a 9% doppelbock from Y Market Brewing, based in Nagoya, in Aichi, Japan. It’s part of their winter seasonal lineup and can be found in cans and on tap at various places across Japan. Though it’s brewed to a traditional German recipe, Y Market Nachtmusik uses imported US Horizon, US Amarillo, AU Galaxy, and US Mosaic hops to give it a modern twist.

Y Market Nachtmusik・Yマーケットナハトムジーク

Y Market Nachtmusik Aroma and Taste

I was surprised as anyone when I found Y Market Nachtmusik in a can – this is a brewery that are well-known for producing some solid pale ales and IPAs, so to see a doppelbock in their lineup suddenly appear was good little surprise. Y Market Nachtmusik poured out a dark amber brown colour with a sticky, frothy, off-white head on top that clung to the side of the glass throughout drinking. The aroma coming off Y Market Nachtmusik was part traditional – think banana and cloves – but then it was also part modern with a fruity peach and grapefruit aroma coming through too. Almost as if an American brewer had tried to replicate a doppelbock but had run out of German hops.

The body was just as interesting, for want of a better positive phrase, as the nose. The typical spikey banana and clove flavours came through, with a strong malty backbone of sweet malt-like flavours, with a body that had a low amount of carbonation it. The American influence though came through with some apricots, peaches, and grapefruit flavours being present once Y Market Nachtmusik had warmed up somewhat. It was an interesting mix of hop, malt, and yeast flavours going on in the beer – not my preferred choice but something different was much welcome. The stone fruit flavours lingered in the aftertaste and left a sticky sweet taste on the palate.


Y Market Nachtmusik The Bottom Line

Y Market Nachtmusik is an interesting take on a style of beer that is all about the malts and yeast.

Where to Buy Y Market Nachtmusik

Y Market Nachtmusik can be bought online at the following places:

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