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Minoh Valentine’s Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer

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Valentine’s Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer is a 8.5% Imperial Stout. It’s part of their limited edition seasonal lineup.

Valentine’s Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer Aroma and Taste

Valentine’s Imperial Stout pours out a thick black with a half centimetre of light-brown head. The nose is of roast malt, toffee and caramel. Lots of sweetness in this one, which is good for Valentine’s Day, I suppose? I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Valentine’s Day to be perfectly honest. Make your own special days. You don’t even have to follow the calendar. In my family, the first day of the year that it’s warm enough to do so (usually around the middle of March), we sit in a little tent in the park and eat homemade hamburgers. We call it Tentburger Day. Valentine’s Day holds no special place for me. I look forward to Tentburger Day as soon as winter begins to trail off. Be like me. Abandon the old traditions. Drink a hazy pineapple cheesecake IPA.

I’m getting sidetracked. Let’s get back to this bourgeois symbol of Western hegemony. I mean beer. It should be suitably warmed up after it was waiting for me to finish that rant.


Valentine’s Imperial Stout tastes of cooking chocolate and mocha coffee, with a light aftertaste of that bitter, chalky flavour you get when you think it would be a good idea to eat a piece of cooking chocolate or a chocolate dog treat. Blech. Despite being 8.5% the boozy flavour really doesn’t break through until it’s reached almost room temperature; at which point there’s an acrid bitterness from the coffee notes as well.

Valentine’s Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer The Bottom Line

Hard to find fault with an Imperial Stout, especially one from Minoh; however, if you follow the proper way to drink this Imperial Stout – by which I mean warming it up – it becomes a bit too harsh for the “Valentines Chocolate” sort of image it’s going for. So drink it nice and chilly, and Happy Tentburger Day to you.

Where To Buy Valentine’s Imperial Stout by Minoh Beer

Check your regular shops or the Minoh Official Shop around January to catch this limited edition beer.

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