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Yokohama Weizen by Yokohama Beer

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This 5.5% Weizen, brewed with 50% barley and 50% wheat, is one of the main beers of the Yokohama beer line up and can be found on tap and in bottle around the Kanto, in particular Yokohama, area of Japan.

Yokohama Weizen

Weizen? Why not now?

Yokohama Weizen Aroma and Taste

Yokohama Weizen pours well, with a typical golden hazy body as to be expected from a weizen with a good amount of head on it; however, it doesn’t stay around for long. Aroma wise, well, it smelt like bananas, so much so that when my youngest smelt it, he thought he could drink it as it was “banana juice”, followed up with a mild wheat smell.

Taste wise, well, the banana taste was the main point with a sweet edge to it, but slightly too aniseed-like with the aftertaste that lingered just a bit too long. Compared with a Suiyoubi no Neko, reviewed here, this weizen is a lot bolder in flavour and texture.

Yokohama Weizen One-line review

If you like your weizen sweet with bananas, then this is the beer for you. Else go for another from the Yokohama beer range.


Where to buy Yokohama Weizen

Yokohama Weizen can be bought readily around Yokohama station, such as in Queen’s Isetan, Sogo department stores, and some Tokyo craft beer stores, such as DevilCraft, have had it on tap. Otherwise, you can buy the weizen from their online store here.

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