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Kamikatz Little Darling by Rise & Win Brewing

by Rob
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Kamikatz Little Darling is a 5.5% porter from Rise & Win Brewing, based in Kamikatsu, in Tokushima, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range and can be found in bottles and on tap at limited locations. Kamikatz Little Darling is brewed with Little Darling Coffee Roasters, a roastery and coffee shop based in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, with them providing some Ethiopian coffee beans that are used during the post fermentation stage. Kamikatz Little Darling also contains cocoa beans from Ushio Chcolatl based in Hiroshima, and fresh vanilla too.

Kamikatz Little Darling・カミカツリトル ダーリン

Kamikatz Little Darling Aroma and Taste

Kamikatz Little Darling poured out a glistening pitch black with a slightly off-white tan head on top that was fluffy but faded fast to leave some bubbles around the edges of the glass. It had full on aroma of cocoa, coffee, vanilla, and some roasted black malt – but not in an acrid manner. I don’t like hating on beers – I mean if I don’t like a beer I feel that I should say and Rise & Win Brewing have had a rough ride on BeerTengoku. But with Kamikatz Little Darling, something changed.

The body was thick – at 5.5% it had the body more like an imperial stout than of a stout – and it was also very nice. The coffee and chocolate flavours were well balanced, and they were followed up a creamy, vanilla body that was very smooth. As Kamikatz Little Darling warmed up, the vanilla became more pronounced and took away the lingering black malt flavour. The beer finished up with the cocoa and coffee flavours just holding up for a bit longer than usual.


Kamikatz Little Darling The Bottom Line

I’ll admit I have been harsh on Rise & Win Brewing’s beers, but Kamikatz Little Darling deserves the praise. It’s a good good beer.

Where to Buy Kamikatz Little Darling

Kamikatz Little Darling can be bought at the following places:

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