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Choryo IPA by Choryo Shuzo

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Choryo IPA is a 6% American IPA from Choryo Shuzo, based in Koryo, in Nara, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup, and can be found in both cans and on draught. Choryo IPA is brewed using imported Mosaic, Motueka, Simcoe, Citra, and Pahto hops though from which country is unknown.

Choryo IPA

Choryo IPA : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 6%
  • Style : American IPA
  • Hops : Citra, Mosaic, Motueka, Pahto, and Simcoe
  • IBU : 47

Sale Information

  • Availability : Regular
  • On Sale : From October 2021
  • Size : 350 ml
  • Price : From 600 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Pine notes with lemon and grapefruit coming through. Light pilsner nose.
  • Notable Tastes : Dry and bitter that moves to a light dank flavour with lemon and grapefruit flavours.

Choryo IPA : Aroma & Taste

Choryo IPA poured out a slight hazy golden honey colour with a small amount of white head on top that faded to a thin layer of bubbles on top of the beer. Choryo IPA had a distinct pine aroma at first, with a slight dankness to it, though that moved on to a lemon and grapefruit aroma as the beer warmed up. As it did, there was a light sweetness of pilsner malt that came along to move things in the right direction but it wasn’t cloying or overpowering.

The body started off with a swift bitter bite, though it faded quickly to a piney, resinous aroma that was supported by a citrus flourish of lemon and grapefruit. It was a nice surprise beer to be honest as I had not come across Choryo Shuzo before drinking this beer – in fact, it was a random purchase at the 7/11. Choryo IPA carried on with the citrus flavours and then the malt brought a subtle sweetness though the overwhelming feeling about Choryo IPA was that it was dry – and a good dry at that too.

Choryo IPA : The Bottom Line

I was surprised with Choryo IPA – it’s a good, solid American IPA that I would definitely try again. And again.


Choryo IPA : Where To Buy

Choryo IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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