Songbird Le Petit Bonheur by Brewery Songbird

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur・ソングバードルプチボヌール

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur is an 8% Belgian brown ale from Brewery Songbird, based in Kisarazu, in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their winter seasonal range and can be found in bottles only. Like Songbird La Joya, Songbird Le Petit Bonheur is fermented using wild yeast by being stored outside in coolships. At the time of writing, it’s unknown if Songbird Le Petit Bonheur is a one-off or will come out again.

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur・ソングバードルプチボヌール

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur Aroma and Taste

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur poured out a plum black colour with a thin layer of off-white bubbles on top, that faded away to leave a few around the edge of the glass. Please, please, PLEASE, let Songbird Le Petit Bonheur warm up before drinking. When cold, the aromas were highly muted, with some vague hints of plums, raisins, and hints of caramel and rum. Once it had warmed up, the full force of the aromas were unleashed, along with a funky Belgian sourness to it that took some of the sweetness off the beer.

The body – like the nose – of Songbird Le Petit Bonheur was muted when chilled. After letting it warm up for a bit, the plum, raisins, and general dried fruit flavours came through, with a sour rummy booziness also creeping in towards the end. Having let it warm up for a bit also meant the sourness, a deliberate injection of flavour, also came off nicely and brought Songbird Le Petit Bonheur to a new level of beer. It’s lingering stickiness in the aftertaste left a plethora of dried fruit and rumness flavour.

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur The Bottom Line

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur is a great little beer and I strongly recommend buying one. Or two. Or a few.

Where to Buy Songbird Le Petit Bonheur

Songbird Le Petit Bonheur can be bought online at the following places:

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