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Atsugi White Ale by Atsugi Beer

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Atsugi White Ale is a Belgian White or witbier from Atsugi Beer, Kanagawa and is a mild 4%, designed for session drinking. Moreover, Atusgi Beer recommends that this beer is chilled to below 10ºc for best drinking. Besides that, there is not much other information out there on this beer.

Atsugi White Ale

Those who’d thought this would be white, but your hands up.

Atsugi White Ale Aroma and Taste

After I realised that this was not going to be a white ale, but actually a wheat ale, I wondered if there had been some spelling mistake but Atsugi White Ale had a large floral nose on it that was bolder than other wheat beers. There was also some malt and hops thrown in for good measure – a bit confusing really as it felt like Atsugi Beer were trying to appeal to as many people as possible but covering as many bases as they could. The body was a hazy orange colour with a minimal amount of head, less than one finger, that didn’t even bother to stick around longer than a few minutes.

Atsugi White Ale’s body was just as confusing as the aroma – mild hops and malt combined with the floral taste meant I wasn’t sure of what I was drinking. Was it supposed to be a witbier or a wheat pale ale? The texture of it though was perfect as I imagine that this would be a great beer served chilled at a barbecue, something nice and refreshing though in April, it lacked enough bite really to keep me coming back. Atsugi White Ale finished off with a subtle bitter taste though nothing offensive or unwelcome.

Atsugi White Ale One Line Review

Atsugi White Ale would be a great session beer for a barbecue or for the beach but it’s hard to recommend at almost ¥500.


Where to Atsugi White Ale

Atsugi White Ale can be bought from the Atsugi Beer online page here. It can also be bought from the GoodBeer page on Rakuten here. Moreover, World Gourmet in Yokohama also has it in stock.

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