Chouseiya in Mobara, Chiba

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Chouseiya first came to our attention on Facebook when they popped up with a wide range of beers – some that are notoriously hard to get hold off. Chouseiya is also a bricks-and-mortar store in Chiba, though when I tried to get over there to pick up some beers, they were closed – weird holiday schedule. However in 2018, they opened up a basic online store that now stocks roughly the same beers as in-store, that is, if they have them in the fridges, they will have them online.

As mentioned, Chouseiya has a wide range of beers, both domestically and from overseas too. Domestic breweries we’ve seen include Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company, Shiga Kogen, Minoh Beer, Hansharo Beer, and Onidensetsu among others.

Shipping costs are standard prices for online beer stores with a flat amount for beers, with a six beer minimum and delivery at a flat rate of ¥900.

Payment is also done either by bank transfer, credit card, or by Cash on Delivery.

Chouseiya Details

Homepage (in Japanese):

Phone: 0475-46-1188

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Chouseiya

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