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Far Yeast Nightcrawler by Far Yeast Brewing Company

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Far Yeast Nightcrawler is a 6% NE IPA from Far Yeast Brewing Company, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range of beers – this time with Transporter who helped work with Oh! La! Ho on the Oh! La! Ho Captain Crow Thrash Lager and Oh! La! Ho Captain Crow Extra Pale Ale. It came on sale in January 2018 and its unknown whether it’s a continued release or a one-off.

Far Yeast Nightcrawler

Far Yeast Nightcrawler Aroma and Taste

I’m gonna say this now – I don’t like the whole NE IPA rage and love-in. There have been very few that I’ve liked – Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki being the only one I’ve liked so far. When Far Yeast Nightcrawler poured out, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. This didn’t look like any NE IPA I’ve come across. For starters, it didn’t look fluorescent orange, nor like a glass of vomit. Thought it smelt like a NE IPA. Juicy (urgh hate that phrase) lemony and orange hops came thundering through, with some stone and passion fruits too.

The hops brought a jolt of bitterness to the forefront in tasting, with the juicy (really hate that word) flavours of orange, mango, and passion fruit being the dominating ones throughout. The malts lied in the background, with some slight caramel flavours coming through like all NE IPA, juicy juicy juicy (ok, I’m going to go drink something un-juicy now)


Far Yeast Nightcrawler The Bottom Line

Far Yeast Nightcrawler didn’t look like a NE IPA and for that I’m grateful, though it tasted like one. It’s ok to drink.

Where to Buy Far Yeast Nightcrawler

Far Yeast Nightcrawler can be bought online at the following places

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