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Iwate Kura Stout by Sekinoichi Shuzo

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Iwate Kura Stout is also brewed under the name Iwate Kura Kuro Kura; however, the name stated seems to be the most common one on sale. It is available in both bottle and can form and is based on a British stout recipe. If you need more convincing, this beer has won multiple awards at different competitions since 1997.

Iwate Kura Kuro Kura

I don’t recommend saying Iwate Kura Kuro Kura too quickly.

Iwate Kura Stout Aroma and Taste

Iwate Kura Stout pours out a dark brown, verging on black colour with a fair amount of an off-white head to it. Looking good so far. The aromas will caress your olfactory senses as you bring the glass closer to your nose and mouth. The coffee aroma is expected but the creaminess it brings along with it will surprise you. Chocolate and sugar notes blend in well so much that it reminds of an Irish coffee – a nice dark roast coffee with a lacing of Bailey’s for good measure.

The aromas work even better when you take your first sip of this. Iwate Kura Stout will treat your taste buds gently but knock them back with an espresso roundhouse kick, leaving you wondering where it came from. The strength of the espressos body upsets the previous aromas a bit to leave the beer finishing bitter. One of the major plus points is that the alcohol is nigh on undetectable, even at 7%.

Iwate Kura Stout One-Line Review

Iwate Kura Stout is a good solid stout though the espresso bitterness may put some off.


Where to Buy Iwate Kura Stout

Iwate Kura Stout can be bought online at the Sekinoichi Shuzo online store or at Sakaya Okadaya or at Craftbeers.jp.

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