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Kisoji Beer Information

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Kisoji BeerKisoji Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Nagano, Japan. The brewery is owned by Kisoji Resorts, and can be found in an area that also has a hotel that is famous for its pudding and also blueberries. Kisoji Beer is brewed using locally sourced mountain water that comes from the melted snow on the top of the mountains and all of their beers are 100% malt, so no adjuncts are used – not even blueberries.

Kisoji Beer Main Lineup

The following are part of Kisoji Beer’s all year round range:

  • Kisoji Premium Lager – a 5% Czech lager that uses hops imported from the Czech Republic as well as hops imported from New Zealand.
  • Kisoji Pale Ale – a 5% American pale ale that uses American Cascade hops for both bittering and aroma.
  • Kisoji Porter – a 5% English porter that uses 5 different coloured malts, as well as three base malts.

Kisoji Seasonal & Limited Edition Lineup

The following are part of Kisoji Beer’s seasonal and limited edition lineup

  • Kisoji Lakeside Amber Ale – a 5% American amber ale that is brewed using two different American hops.
  • Kisoji Weizen – a 5% German hefeweizen that has a base of 60% wheat malt.
  • Kisoji Golden Ale – a 5% American golden ale brewed using American hops.
  • Kisoji Smoked Ale – a 5% rauchbier brewed using imported German malt.
  • Kisoji Niagara Pale Ale – a 5.5% fruit beer that uses the pale ale as a base and Niagara grapes grown locally.

Kisoji Beer Details

Address: 2278 Adzuma, Nagisomachi, Kiso-gun, Nagano-ken, Japan 399-5302


Phone: 0264-58-1111

Homepage (in Japanese): http://kisojiresortshop.com/beer/index.html

Online Store: http://www.shopmaker.jp/pro/list.cgi?user=sh013992

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