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Kure Beer Information

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Kure Beer

Kure Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Kure city, in Hiroshima prefecture. Kure Beer was established on 7th July in 1995 and the full name of the line of beers is 海軍さんの麦酒 (kaigun-san no bakushu), which translates into the “The Navy’s Brewery” though don’t worry, the JSDF don’t actually brew any of the beer. The brewery also has a restaurant on site where you can drink the beer fresh from the tanks next door. Since the founding of the brewery, they have won over 30 awards around the world for their beers which are made using hops, malts, and yeast sourced from Germany with water from Mt. Haigamine, in Hiroshima and all of their beers are bottle-conditioned.

Kure Beer Line Up

The following beers are part of the all-year round lineup.

  • Kure Pilsner – a 5% German pilsner with an IBU of 35.
  • Kure Weizen – a 5% German hefeweizen with an IBU of 9.
  • Kure Kolsch – a 4.5% kölsch style beer brewed to a traditional German recipe with an IBU of 8.
  • Kure Alt – a 4.7% altbier that is brewed using five different malts with an IBU of 22.

Kure Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

  • Kure Ginjyo Beer – a 7% dunklebock and is first brewed using German yeast in the primary fermentation stages and then has ginjo sake yeast added in the secondary fermentation. Released in Spring.
  • Kure Black IPA – 4.7% black IPA that is brewed using five different malts. Released in spring and has an IBU of 65.
  • Kure Shimanowa Beer – a 5% fruit pale ale which uses lemons and oranges from Setouichi. Released in Summer.
  • Kure Imperial Lager – an 8% Imperial lager and is it is a part of their seasonal line up released in autumn. It has an IBU of 95.
  • Kure Barleywine – a 9% barleywine brewed from six different malts. Released in winter and has an IBU of 54.
  • Kure Pale Ale – a 5.5% American pale ale and is part of their summer seasonal range.

Kure Beer Details

Address: 〒737-0046 Hiroshima-ken, Kure-shi, Nakadori 1-chome, 1-2 (Viewport Kure 1F)


Phone: 0823-26-9090

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.kurebeer.com/index.html

Online Store (in Japanese): http://www.kurebeer.com/beer_shop.html

SNS: Facebook

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