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Niigata Beer Information

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Niigata Beer is a small brewery located in Niigata city, Niigata and has an annual output of about 200,000L per year. It started out in 1997 soon after the government deregulated the beer industry and survived the craft beer crash soon after. Niigata Beer is well known for their diverse and unique line up, incorporating adjuncts that have not been seen elsewhere in Japan.

Niigata Beer Main Lineup

These beers are brewed with 100% malt under a beer license in Japan.

  • Niigata Beer – A Belgian style wheat beer that is supposedly refreshing to drink.
  • Niigata Weizen – A wheat beer that is bottle conditioned like the rest of the range.
  • Niigata European Kolsch – A 100% natural, bottle conditioned premium beer brewed using European Kölsch techniques.
  • Niigata Black Beer – 100% natural, bottle conditioning, schwarzbier.
  • Niigata Premium Ale Edinburgh – The regular version of the Golden Edinburgh.

Niigata Beer Happposhu Lineup

These beers all contain adjuncts that mean they are classified as happoshus in Japan. Not the kind you would find cheap though.

  • Niigata Red Eye – A beer based drink with tomatoes added.
  • Niigata Ale de Blueberry – Niigata Ale de Blue Berry is a 100% natural, bottle conditioned premium beer brewed with blueberries.
  • Niigata Ale de Lectier – Niigata Ale de Lectier is a 100% natural, bottle conditioned premium beer brewed with Le Lectier Pears and German malts.
  • Niigata Sparkling Mango – A 100% natural, bottle conditioned premium beer brewed with mangoes.

Niigata Beer Premium Lineup

These beers are the deemed the piece de resistance of the range.

  • Niigata Golden Kolsch – Uses the European Koelsch as a base, and the alcohol level is raised to make an 8% high-quality beer.
  • Niigata Golden Edinburgh – Uses English malt to improve upon the Premium Ale Edinburgh to make a 7% beer.
  • Niigata Espresso – brewed with coffee beans in the mash to make an 8% foreign export stout.

Niigata Beer Details

Address:〒953-0012, Niigata-ken, Niigata-shi, Nishikabaku, Echizenhama 512

Phone: 0256-70-2200

Website (in Japanese): http://www.niigatabeer.jp/

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