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Kisoji Smoked Ale by Kisoji Beer

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Kisoji Smoked Ale is a 5% rauchbier, or smoked beer, from Kisoji Beer, based in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition seasonal lineup and can be found in both bottles and was first released in late September 2016. There is no official listing on their website as to whether this is going to be continued next year or not, nor is there any listing for the ingredients into Kisoji Smoked Ale.

Kisoji Smoked Ale

Thin and smokey

Kisoji Smoked Ale Aroma and Taste

Kisoji Smoked Ale poured out a hazy copper colour with a medium amount of frothy white head on top. It had a slight smokey aroma but nothing compared to other rauchs I’ve had such as Fujizakura Heights Rauch or Tazawako Rauch, which were both more potent and “meaty” like. The malts came through only slightly, with a hint of caramel from them, but Kisoji Smoked Ale seemed watered down in the nose.

Smoked beers tend to remind me of pureed ham – perhaps growing up as a kid the cheap pates I had had some subtle smokiness to them – but Kisoji Smoked Ale tasted more watery with a hint smoke flavour. The caramel made an appearance in the body but like the smoke flavour, just tasted watered down, as it Kisoji Beer had made a beer too strong and added water to try and balance out the flavours. Kisoji Smoked Ale ended up with faint flavours in the aftertaste that faded fast and left nothing behind.

Kisoji Smoked Ale The Bottom Line

Kisoji Smoked Ale is more miss than hit, and I would recommend try drinking a different rauch or smoked beer to really get to know the style.


Where to Buy Kisoji Smoked Ale

Kisoji Smoked Ale was a blink and miss it beer – I think I got it from Le Petit L’Ouest.

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