Y Market Golden Combi by Y Market Brewing 

Y Market Golden Combi ワイマーケットゴールデンコンビー

Y Market Golden Combi is a 5% American IPA from Y Market Brewing, based in Nagoya, Japan. It’s another entry into their draught only range and was first released in October 2017. The Golden Combi name stems its colour and also from from it being brewed with “traditional” American IPA hops of Chinook, Centennial, and Horizon.

Y Market Golden CombiY Market Golden Combi Aroma and Taste

Without wanting to state the obvious too much, Y Market Golden Combi definitely came up a golden colour with a fluffy white head on top, that faded to an oily ring around the top of the glass. It had a dank, resinous aroma, with hints of grapefruit and lemon coming through too. There wasn’t much malt aroma coming through, besides a light caramel hint to it.

The body continued where the aroma left off, with the lemony resinous tones coming to the forefront and lasting throughout drinking. The bitterness to Y Market Golden Combi was smooth and well balanced, and didn’t seem overpowering at all. While the malts were generally muted, Y Market Golden Combi did have a faint hint of caramel sweetness to it, but it was fleeting. It ended up with a lingering grapefruit aftertaste.

Y Market Golden Combi The Bottom Line

I liked Y Market Golden Combi but I know that knowing Y Market being the Ushitora of Nagoya, it means I’ll probably never get to try it again.

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