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Edo Kameido Red by Virgo Beer

by Rob
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Edo Kameido Red is a 5% fruit beer from Virgo Beer, based in Tokyo. Like the Fukagawa Kuro Eidaibashi, it’s part of their range of beers in the Monzen Nakacho area of Tokyo that are trying to promote the local area.

Edo Kameido Red 江戸亀戸赤

Edo Kameido Red Aroma and Taste

Edo Kameido Red poured out a grape juice purpley red colour with a slightly purple ring of bubbles around the top.

That’s the only good thing I have to say about this beer.



Nothing good to say about it at all, besides that it looks good.

Aroma – imagine this. Someone that has just spent hours chain-smoking cigarette after cigarette. Then gargled using some cheap happoshu beer – and I mean the cheap 80 rot your gut stuff. Then spat it out into an ashtray full of spent cigarette butts. Then forced it down your throat.

That’s Edo Kameido Red for you.

An instant drain pour.

Worse than Hyappa Brews Miso Korny. Worse than Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft. Worse than Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft. It is the worst beer I’ve had in my life.

Instant drain pour after one try.

Edo Kameido Red The Bottom Line

I can’t believe people buy this. This is a disgrace to all beer makers around the world. If this is supposed to promote Tokyo, then Virgo Beer must have a shitty opinion about Tokyo then.

Where to Buy Edo Kameido Red

Look. Buy this for someone you hate or as a joke but please do not buy it for yourself. Go here and buy it.

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