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Home Bar Review Minoh Beer Warehouse in Minoh, Osaka

Minoh Beer Warehouse in Minoh, Osaka

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Minoh Beer Warehouse The Bottom Line

When in Rome and all… If you’re in Osaka with a few hours to spare and looking for beer then you should make the effort to get to Minoh Beer Warehouse. It offers up cheap Minoh beer on tap, in a nice cost friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where you can sit and while the hours away. The whole place is non-smoking, there is no table charge and all the prices include tax. The only downside about the place is that it is a slight trek to get to from the centre of Osaka if you make a mistake with the trains.

Minoh Beer Warehouse Inside

Lots of wood inside.

Minoh Beer Warehouse The Full Review

What do you do when your brewery becomes too big? Open up a new place that can accommodate both the distribution and selling of your beers and that’s what Minoh Beer did with the Minoh Beer Warehouse. It opened up in October 2015, 18 years after the opening of the brewery, and since then, it has become a mainstay in a quiet suburban district of Osaka.

Minoh Beer Warehouse is located about ten minutes from Makiochi station on the Hankyu Minoo local line, which in turn is about 25 minutes from Umeda station – not fair but in the blazing Kansai heat, make sure you have some beers with you for the journey. There are two floors to Minoh Beer Warehouse with the first being a casual drinking area with space for about 15 people to sit and the rest standing around some wine barrels, and the second floor being used as a restaurant with seating for about 40 people and also art exhibition space from time to time. There is no table charge either at Minoh Beer Warehouse.

Minoh Beer Warehouse Beer 1
Not bad prices.
Minoh Beer Warehouse Beer 2
Minoh Coffee Stout
Minoh Beer Warehouse Beer 3
Minoh Pilsner Review:
Minoh Beer Warehouse Beer 4
Minoh W-IPA Review:
Minoh Beer Warehouse Beer 5
Minoh Weizen Review:

The beers at Minoh Beer Warehouse are all brewed in-house and at the brewery so you can’t get fresher than that and there are anywhere between eight to twelve taps of Minoh Beer on tap at any one time. The beers come in two sizes: half pint at 240ml for ¥520 to ¥620 and also pint at 470ml for ¥830 to ¥930. All prices include tax so there are no sudden surprises as you pay cash on delivery. There are also bottles that can be bought to take away or drunk on site, but it works out to be cheaper to buy the draft beers instead. There were no beer flights or happy hour on offer either.


Having got to Minoh Beer Warehouse just after breakfast and before lunch, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat at Minoh Beer Warehouse but from what I saw, they offered up the usual kind of snacky food along with sandwiches that are freshly made in the small kitchen next door. Next time I go, and I will definitely go again when I’m in the area, I’ll try some of the food. If you’re vegetarian, then there are some choices there as well though not an extensive range.

Minoh Beer Warehouse Details

Open: Daily 11:00 to 21:00 (L.O 20:30)

Closed: Thursdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 072-725-7234

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Minoh Beer Warehouse

Minoh Beer Warehouse is located about ten minutes from Makiochi station on the Hankyu Minoo local line.

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