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Coedo Gattsu Pozu by Coedo 

by Rob
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Coedo Gattsu Pozu is a 10% double IPA, produced as a collaboration between Coedo, based in Saitama, Japan and Fieldworks Brewing Company, based in California, USA. It’s part of the Coedo limited edition range, and can be found in bottles and on tap. Gattsu Pozu is the Japanese expression used when a player comes up with the big play and shows his “Guts.” This Double IPA was brewed with the big play in mind. The All-Star lineup of Simcoe, Chinook and Tahoma hops team up with Okinawan Amami Pink Sugar and Japanese Brown Rice in this 10% home run. Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cedar), used to accent the piney notes of the hops is an ode to the many bats broken in Spring Training.

Coedo Gattsu Pozu

Don’t go crazy and drink this in 10 mins.

Coedo Gattsu Pozu Aroma and Taste

I missed out on the bottles of Coedo Gattsu Pozu purely because I was in the UK so when I came across it on tap at Craftsman Yokohama after a long day at work, I KNEW I had to have at least one pint. It came up a hazy golden orange colour with a pure white head on top that collapsed fast to leave an oily ring on top. The aroma coming off it was a piney resinous aroma with some citrus fruits of lemon and grapefruit coming through, and the booziness. Wow, you notice the 10% straightaway when chilled, and even more when warmed up.

The piney resiny character carried on through in the body, with a strong bitterness but still very drinkable and that is the main problem. It’s 10% but doesn’t taste like and you may end up drinking it too quickly. As it warmed up, the lemon and grapefruit came through some more in Coedo Gattsu Pozu but the resin notes were the star of this double IPA. And to be honest, they did kind of last for too long and dominated over the the over flavours somewhat. Coedo Gattsu Pozu finished off with more piney notes and a lingering bitterness.

Coedo Gattsu Pozu The Bottom Line

What is it with Coedo and these draft efforts?! Surprisingly good but a shame that it’s a limited edition effort.


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