Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie, which roughly translates to “one moment, one time” or if you use Google Translate “Forrest Gump”. I think someone might be pulling our leg. Anyway, Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie is a saison style beer from Kyoto Brewing Company and follows up from their Snow Monkey saison. It has an abv of 5.9% and as of writing is available on draught only but thankfully is part of their all-year round range of beers. Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie is brewed using Belgian yeast and hops from both the USA and New Zealand.

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie

I felt dirty asking for a Kyoto Brewing Company beer in a Baird Beer bar.

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie Aroma and Taste

Ordering Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie felt like I was being a traitor; I was in the Nakameguro Taproom and I wanted the Nakameguro ESB but as soon as I saw Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie on the menu, I had to have it. The man behind the counter put it succinctly when he said “we’re just trying to help them out”. It came up in a tulip shaped glass and had a medium amount of head but that’s usual for Baird Taprooms; order 400ml of beer and get a bit extra in the form of head. The hazy golden straw-like colour gave off a peppery, saison aroma that grew on me as the beer went down.

Saisons are a beer Joe dislikes with large disdain but they are an intriguing style of beer for me. If you get a good one, they are refreshing and easy drinking, though a bad one will put you off very quickly. Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie falls very much into the first option there and could be a standard for saisons in Japan. The first sip was more bitter than I had expected but loosened up as I drank more. And more. Flavours of spice, cinnamon, pepper were followed up with a citrusy hoppy punch that balanced out nicely until a refreshing dry finish. At almost 6%, Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie is not a session beer and nor is it going to help with your work after lunch.

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie One Line Review

I was a tad skeptical after the first few Kyoto Brewing Company beers but with Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie, I’m convinced they know what they are doing.

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