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Kokage IPA by Cocono Hops

by Rob
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Kokage IPA is a 7% American IPA from Cocono Hops, based in Nagano, Japan. Like the other beers in the Cocono Hops range, Kokage IPA is contract brewed but at Donryu Dream Beer and was first released in 2015 but unlike the other beers, Kokage IPA at the time of writing is only found on draft only with no plans for a bottled version any time soon. Kokage IPA is brewed with three different aroma hops, though which hops are used are unknown.

Kokage IPA

Bitter and harsh.

Kokage IPA Aroma and Taste

Kokage IPA poured out a deep golden orange colour with a minimum amount of head on top, and what there was collapsed quickly to a thin ring of bubbles around the side of the glass. It had a strong grassy, citrus aroma, with lashing of mango and pineapple following through once it had warmed up a bit. Kokage IPA had lots of punch to it in the nose and definitely sat firmly in the American IPA camp, especially when the crystal caramel sweetness came along to wash the hops away.

The body was initially abrasively harsh and bitter though that did sort itself out once it had warmed up a bit and not ice cold as it had been served. The bitterness proved itself to be long-lasting, with a citrus punctuated with mango and pineapple flavours balanced out with some sweetness from the malts. Kokage IPA was very easy drinking, with the 7% very well-hidden behind the layers and layers of flavours. It was only in the aftertaste that Kokage IPA let itself down with the flavours becoming slightly murky along with a hint of butter in the end.

Kokage IPA The Bottom Line

Kokage IPA started off incredibly well but finished off poorly in comparison. I’d order it again though when it’s fresh on tap to see how the flavours start out.


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