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Unazuki Beer Information

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unazuki beer

Photo courtesy of unazuki beer.

Unazuki Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Toyama, Japan. The brewery has been in operation since April 1997 and since 2004, have been producing almost 100,000L (100kl) of beer annually, which is sold in both bottles, cans, and also on tap. The main focus of beer at Unazuki Beer is traditional German styles, such as Alt, kölsch, and also bock beers, though from time to time, they also do limited editions beers on tap, such as pilsners and doppelbocks too. All of the range of beer from Unazuki beer are made from water from the Kurobe River and local barley. The brewing methods were learnt from the beer homeland of Germany and the beer is made with traditional techniques.

Unazuki Beer Lineup

The following are part of Unazuki Beer’s all year round lineup:

  • Unazuki Beer Alt – a 5% German altbier brewed to a traditional north German recipe from the 12th / 13th century that is labelled as Torokko
  • Unazuki Beer Kolsch – a 5% German kölsch and is based on a traditional kölsch recipe out of Cologne, Germany that was originally brewed in the the 13th to 15th century
  • Unazuki Beer Bock – Also sold as kamoshika, this is a 6% German bock beer.

Unazuki Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following are part of Unazuki Beer’s seasonal and limited edition round lineup:

  • Unazuki Beer Pilsner – a 5%  German pilsner that is available in cans only that is also sold under the name “kurobe no tsuki”

Unazuki Beer Details:

Address: 687 Unazukimachi Oritate, Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture 938-0861

Phone: 0765-65-2277

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.unazuki-beer.jp/

Online store: http://shop.unazuki-beer.jp/

SNS: Facebook

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