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Unazuki Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Toyama, Japan. The brewery has been in operation since April 1997 and since 2004, have been producing almost 100,000L (100kl) of beer annually, which is sold in both bottles, cans, and also on tap. The main focus of beer at Unazuki Beer is traditional German styles, such as Alt, kölsch, and …


Unazuki Beer Kolsch by Unazuki Beer

Unazuki Beer Kolsch

Unazuki Beer Kolsch is based on a traditional kölsch recipe out of Cologne, Germany that was originally brewed in the the 13th to 15th century. I’m not saying Unazuki Beer Kolsch is that old. The kanji 十字峡 refers to the design on the can and can be translated as “cross the gorge”. It is available in both can or bottles. Unazuki Beer …