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Hyappa Love in Idleness by Hyappa Brews

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Hyappa Love in Idleness is a 4.5% fruit beer from Hyappa Brews, based in Aichi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round up and can be both in bottles and on tap at their brewpub.It was difficult to see what was in the beer, with a handwritten scrawl on the back of the bottle that I think said berry and shiso. After confirmation from Craig at Hyappa Brews, we found out it is brewed with Japanese shiso, known as perilla or on occasions Chinese Basil, and also hibiscus berries too.

Hyappa Love in Idleness

All the beers made with love – how about being idle?

Hyappa Love in Idleness Aroma and Taste

Hyappa Love in Idleness poured out a hazy muddy pinkish golden colour with about a finger’s worth of head on top that went down quicker than I expected. A literal (figuratively) blink-and-miss-it effort. First things first, Hyappa Love in Idleness needs to be warmed up if you want to appreciate the delicate aromas and flavours – and when I say delicate, I mean super-duper-subtle…When chilled, Hyappa Love in Idleness gave off so little aromas that I thought I had a blocked up nose. When it had warmed up though, there was some faint familiar basil smell along with a muted sweet juicy aroma, complimented with some caramel.

The initial flavour to Hyappa Love in Idleness was a bitter berry-like quality to it that was quite tart, in a fruity sense. It was a sharp bitterness and didn’t linger longer than necessary, to which it faded to a slight biscuit taste. None of the flavours could be described as bold – I could imagine drinking a cold bottle of this in the searing Aichi summer heat. It was only when Hyappa Love in Idleness had warmed up that a slight hint of shiso came through – but it was slight.

Hyappa Love in Idleness The Bottom Line

Hyappa Love in Idleness isn’t likely to offend anyone, nor make anyone stand up and pay attention to its qualities due to it being delicate.


Where to Buy Hyappa Love in Idleness

I bought my bottle of Hyappa Love in Idleness from Le Petit L’Ouest. It can also be ordered direct from the Hyappa Brews Facebook page.

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