Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout by Ise Kadoya 

Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout

Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout is a 5.5% stout from Ise Kadoya, based in Mie, Japan. It’s part of their draft only range of beers, though if their recent releases are to go by, Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout is similar to their recent foray into flavoured bottled stouts, such as their Almond Coffee Stout. Moreover, Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout is brewed with single origin Kenya coffee beans though they are added in the secondary fermentation part of the brewing process.

Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout

A true coffee fan’s beer.

Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout Aroma and Taste

Coffee and stout? What better combination, besides hops and malt, could you long for? Avid readers of BeerTengoku, and we know who you are, will know that I love coffee as much as beer, in fact coffee gets me through the day until I can start drinking so Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout should be perfect for me. It poured out a pitch black colour with a slight tan head on top that was frothy but collapsed fast on itself. Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout had a massive deep roasted coffee nose with hints of chocolate floating around with a slight creaminess to it as well. Exactly what I was looking for!

Drinking Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout is exactly what I thought it would be – a nice thick body with lashings of creamy coffee goodness holding on through to the end. What more could you want from a coffee stout? The only disappointing thing was that Ise Kadoya had to use coffee to get these kinds of flavours from a drink, though as it’s so good, I’ll let them off. And also, they could have made it stronger – like 7% or 8% but then I wouldn’t be able to drink this for breakfast.

Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout The Bottom Line

If you hadn’t guessed by now, Ise Kadoya Kenya Coffee Stout is a true coffee drinker’s beer – if you don’t like coffee though, you’re not going to be swayed by the lashings of luscious flavours.

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