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Mojiko Retro Weizen by Mojiko Retro Beer

by Rob

Mojiko Retro Weizen is a 5% hefeweizen from Mojiko Retro Beer, based in Fukuoka, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beer and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. Mojiko Retro Weizen marks Mojiko Retro Beer’s first appearance on BeerTengoku – not for want of trying but just trying to find their beers in Kanto is not easy it seems. The Mojiko Retro Beer website doesn’t mention about how Mojiko Retro Weizen is made, so there isn’t much information about it besides it being brewed to south German style recipe. It also won gold at the Japan Beer Cup back in 2011 for those people interested in that kind of thing.

Mojiko Retro Weizen

Not as nice as a Fujizakura Weizen but damned close.

Mojiko Retro Weizen Aroma and Taste

I had Mojiko Retro Weizen at Craftsman Yokohama after a long day and fancied something light and fruity rather than my usual selection of an imperial something something something. Mojiko Retro Weizen was served on a fresh keg – something nice to walk in and get a pint of fresh beer right out of the keg as it starts being served.

Mojiko Retro Weizen came up a hazy orangey colour with a thick frothy white head, the kind that gives you a foam moustache and it lingers above the lip. It had a large banana and peppery clove aroma that was well-balanced with some wheaty notes as well. When it had warmed up a bit, there was also a light citrus aroma coming through as well.

Without giving the Bottom Line away too much, Mojiko Retro Weizen may well be one of the best weizens I’ve had in Japan. I’m yet to try the bottled version of it though. Once I have, this review will be updated.


The beer had a well-balanced wheaty and banana flavour that was paired with a slight yeasty edge to it, with all the flavours well-suited to each other. Hints of a wheaty flavour came through too throughout drinking and it finished off with a hint of lemony citrus notes. Mojiko Retro Weizen was incredibly easy drinking, with a soft mouthfeel to it and also a suitable level of carbonation. The only problem with it was that it was so easy drinking, I had finished it within 20 minutes of ordering it.

Mojiko Retro Weizen The Bottom Line

Mojiko Retro Weizen is, for me, a great example of a hefeweizen and I really really would recommend ordering it if you see it on the menu. It would also be a great introduction to the world of hefeweizens as well.

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Oliver February 2, 2017 - 10:14 pm

I have had it twice on tap. I would like to drink it more often, but it is very had to find. I have never seen a bottle so far. And indeed, a very nice beer, an excellent weizen! Maybe on par with the Fujizakura Kogen weizen.

Rob February 11, 2017 - 7:15 am

Thanks for the comment.
Definitely a great beer and was a nice surprised to find it. Guess with their small output, it’s hard to ship enough
across Japan.


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