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Outsider Flanders Belgian White by Outsider Brewing

by Rob
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Outsider Flanders Belgian White is 5.5% Belgian witbier from Outsider Brewing, based in Yamanashi. It has an IBU of 9 units, making it very mild, and is brewed using Styrian Golding hops imported from Slovenia. It’s part of the all-year round line up from Outsider Brewing though at the time of writing, Outsider Flanders Belgian White can be found on draft form only with no plans for it to be bottled at any time soon in the future.

Craft & Romance Outsider Flanders Belgian White

Outsider Flanders Belgian White

Outsider Flanders Belgian White Aroma and Taste

I’ve been on the hunt for Outsider Brewing’s beers recently, so coming across this at Craft And Romance in Kichijoji meant it was an easy choice to make. It had a hazy pale golden straw colour to the body along with a crisp white head on top that was fairly solid and lasted throughout drinking. There was some hints of lemon and orange coming off of it along with a slightly hoppy spiciness to it as well. Fairly simple but a solid set of aromas to start with really.

The body was a crisp as the head looked and Outsider Flanders Belgian White was neither cloying nor bland. The wheat produced a thick consistency to the beer and the yeast had imparted some hints of bananas on the body, which along with the orange, gave it a tropical edge to it. It finished off much drier than other witbiers I’ve had and the aftertaste had a hint of sourness to it as well, though it did dissipate fairly quickly.

Outsider Flanders Belgian White One Line Review

Outsider Flanders Belgian White was a good beer that I could imagine drinking much more of when the weather heats up for the summer.


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