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Hideji Hana White Weizen by Hideji Beer Brewery

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Flowers and beer aren’t the first combination of images you think of but Hideji Beer Brewery seem to have thought that with Hideji Hana White Weizen. It’s a 4.7% witbier brewed using Belgian yeast and is part of Hideji Beer’s all year round range. It’s brewed with a combination of Saaz hops and also traditional ingredients such as orange peel and coriander.

Hideji Peach White Weizen

Don’t ask me why I stuck this in an IPA glass.

Hideji Hana White Weizen Aroma and Taste

First things first, I apologise for putting Hideji Peach White Weizen in an IPA for the purests among the BeerTengoku readers. I still look back at this photo and wonder what on Earth convinced me to do that. Perhaps to accentuate the aroma? Perhaps because I was too lazy to wash my weizen glass – as much as I love that glass, it’s a pain to wash up properly. Anyway, it’s done and can’t be changed.

Hideji Hana White Weizen poured out a hazy golden colour with a minimal amount of head, if that thin layer of bubbles sat on top of the beer can warrant being called that. The aroma was incredibly gentle, so gentle it could have broken if I had tried any harder to smell it. Banana and wheat made an appearance as did the orange peel, not much mind but enough to make Hideji Hana White Weizen stand out from the rest of the witbiers in Japan. The body though was very lively so I’m blaming the glass for the lack of witbier head.

The delicateness was apparent in the body too with the crisp zesty orange peel providing a foil for the coriander spicy kick that lies under the surface. Hideji Hana White Weizen is a light beer that got better and better as it warmed up though it does dip and dive between a witbier and a weizen due to the Saaz hops.


Hideji Hana White Weizen One Line Review

Hideji Hana White Weizen is one of the best witbier/weizens I’ve had in Japan and thoroughly recommend this. In a weizen glass.

Where to Buy Hideji Hana White Weizen

Hideji Hana White Weizen can be bought from the following places online:

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