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K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet by K\’s Brewing Company

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K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet is a bomb in a bottle waiting to go off. Sensationalist first lines aside, and genuine as it was, K’s Brewmaster Amaosu Noble Sweet is a 4% spring seasonal fruit beer from K’s Brewing Company. It contains Amaou Strawberries from Kyushu and is an explosive beer. It is sponsored by Kim-Jong Un who appears on the label and seems to be quite enjoying the beer too. I wonder if he knows about it?

K’s Brewmaster Amaosu Noble Sweet

K’s Brewing Company REALLY need to work on their gas levels.

K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet Aroma and Taste

Let me take some time to explain about why I think K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet is akin to being a bloody dangerous beer. If you’ve read our review of K’s Brewmaster Amaou Oatmeal Stout, then you would have known about the dangers both Joe and Rob faced with it. If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you do as it’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself. K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet had been lurking in the fridge for a month or so as I couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I mean, it’s a fruit beer so I might as well go drink some juice with added shochu in. Eventually, I relented and opened it.


I’d gone deaf. The wife had gone deaf. The kids were screaming. My ears were ringing. The neighbours came down to see if we were ok as it sounded like a bomb had gone off (their words, not mine. Slightly embellished for artistic purposes). Fifteen minutes later, my ears were still ringing and the kids had calmed down as the beer sat in the glass. I instantly disliked this beer for scaring the living daylights out of me and wanted nothing more to do with it.


The aroma of K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet reminded me of champagne and strawberries – very sweet with a fruity edge to it. The amount of head on the beer should have been a warning as well but I didn’t pay much attention to it – another mistake I made as you will soon find out. The body was a light golden colour for those wondering about that too.

A sip. That’s all that it took for me to try it and then suddenly have the sensation of my mouth filling up with gas. Before I even had the chance to swallow some, K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet had expanded so much that it came shooting out of my mouth into the sink. What the heck was going on with this beer? Every time I tried some, the same thing happend – the beer in my mouth expanded and came shooting out? What is this damned sorcery going on. It was almost as if someone had changed the beer for champagne instead. The crisp nature of the beer, along with some sweetness from the strawberries were the strongest flavours I could recognise before I had to either a) spit it out, or b) quickly swallow it.

K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet One Line Review

If K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet is always like this, then it’s a great practical joke to give to someone as a gift. Else, be warned. Be weary. And whatever you do, let the neighbours know you are drinking this.

Where to Buy K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet

K’s Brewmaster Amaou Noble Sweet can be bought from the following places:

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