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Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) by Locobeer

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Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) is a 9% Belgian speciality ale from Locobeer that is part of their winter seasonal range of beers. The Super Saison range are released in time for Christmas, both in 2013 and 2014 though at the time of writing, 2015 had not been released and there was no indicator either of it being so. Locobeer Super Saison is also bottle aged with yeast from the primary fermenter and is bottled in champagne bottles. At the time of writing, it was only available in bottles only. Though this is says it’s a saison on the name and on the label, Locobeer have classified it as a Belgian speciality ale according to the BJCP guidelines.

Locobeer Super Saison (2014)

2014 version. Very nice.

Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël)

For this review, rather than reviewing the 2014 and 2013 version separately, I decided to put them in one review in the hope of a direct comparison between the two vintages. I also decided to use the same glass for both beers as well and drink them at the same pace. At 9% though a bottle, it was always going to be hard to get out of this one sober, or in a reasonable frame of mind.

Locobeer Super Saison (2014) Aroma and Taste

Locobeer Super Saison (2014) poured out an orangey-brown colour with a thin ring of bubbles around the top of the glass. The aroma coming off of it was very fruity, with a strong aroma of plums, raisins, a slight licorice aroma to it and also a strong spiciness phenolic aroma as well. It had a lot going on but it was incredibly well-balanced and smooth on the nose.

The body though was far from a saisons. Saisons are usually light, fruity, and refreshing but this iteration of Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) reminded me of a barleywine due to the strong caramel malt flavours, along with the plums, raisins, and licorice taste to it. There was no bitterness whatsoever to it, but as it warmed up, the warm soothing alcohol came through akin to a Christmas pudding that had been doused in brandy and set alight.


Locobeer Super Saison (2014) One Line Review

If this were being reviewed as a saison, then it would be passable but as a Belgian speciality ale? Awesome. I want more.

Locobeer Super Saison (2013)

The older the better it seems.

Locobeer Super Saison (2013) Aroma and Taste

Locobeer Super Saison (2013) poured out a much lighter colour than its younger sibling and had even less of a ring of bubbles than it as well. The strong aromas I was expecting from the 2014 version had softened out to a mellower level that also had hints of oak in it. The nose was smooth like the 2014 though.

The body again had some saison qualities to it but like the 2014 version, tasted more like a Belgian speciality ale than a saison but it was crispier on the tongue than the 2014 version. While the booziness was present from the go, it meant there was no sudden suprises as it warmed up. The fruity flavours were more mellow as well which made this beer far too easy drinking.

Locobeer Super Saison (2013) One Line Review

The older this is, the better it gets. I thought the 2014 had aged well but this 2013 is a winner.

Where to Buy Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël)

Locobeer Super Saison (Saison de Noël) can be bought at the following places online:

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