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Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale by Oh! La! Ho Beer

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Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale is a 4.5% golden / blonde ale from Oh! La! Ho Beer based in Tomi city, Nagano. It’s part of Oh! La! Ho Beer’s all-year round range of beers and can readily be found in canned or on draft. Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale is also an award-winning beer, having won various domestic and international awards since 2000.

Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale オラホゴールデンエールOh! La! Ho Golden Ale Aroma and Taste

After drinking copious amount of Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale at the Oh! La! Ho Beer brewery back in October 2015 and really enjoying it, I ended up buying some more of it to take home, as well as some of the Oh! La! Ho Amber Ale too. The draft version was delicious but then that could have been the wonderful blue skies, rolling hills, and green countryside making it taste better than it was.

Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale poured out a relatively clear golden colour with a meagre amount of head on top that was crystal white and a tad frothy. The aroma was a light citrus floral smell with some sweetness coming through but nothing stronger than a mere waft. There was also a hint of sourness to the canned version that I didn’t detect with the draft version – perhaps something to do with the storage of the beer?

Where Oh! La! Ho Golden Ale excels is in the taste as it had a delicious bitter bite to it that is crisp and refreshing. The hops produced a light floral taste that had a subtle amount of citrus notes to it as well. The bitterness, which is strong but not overpowering, carried on right through the aftertaste and left a little edge of sweetness on the palate.


Oh! La! Ho Golden One Line Review

Oh! La! Ho Golden is a very good example of a blonde beer and really recommend buying it if you see it.

Where to Buy Oh! La! Ho Golden

Oh! La! Ho Golden can be bought at the following places:

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