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Shonan Black IPA by Kumazawa Shuzo

by Rob

Shonan Black IPA is a 6% black IPA from Kumazawa Shuzo that is part of their winter seasonal list. The Shonan Beer already has a “regular” IPA on the list, reviewed here, and this version is nigh on the same besides the usage of dark malt, possible carafa III, in the mashing stage, though at the time of writing, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Shonan Black IPA is available on tap only though it’s unknown whether it will be released in bottled form at any point soon.

Shonan Black IPA

Pitch black IPA with large citrus nose to it.

Shonan Black IPA Aroma and Taste

Who’d have thought that Shonan Beer had such an extensive range of draft beers that aren’t available in bottles? They must be up there as the number one brewery for producing a wide and varied amount of craft beers. Shonan Black IPA was first released on tap in 2014 it seems and has come back again for another offering – I remember having it at the Keyaki Beer Festival and was hoping to try it again soon.

Seeing as I didn’t pour out this beer, I was most impressed with the amount of head delivered on it. I was half expecting about an inch (2.54cms) or two (5.08cms) on top but I got barely a finger of slightly off-white creamy head. It had a pitch black body with a pleasant aroma of citrus hops and a wee bit of chocolate – had Kumazawa Shuzo gone the black malt route with this?

Shonan Black IPA’s body was most peculiar as it tasted like a porter crossed with an IPA. Not the most detailed of observations but let me explain. The citrus and bitterness came through immediately but it was when the beer had warmed up that the roasted flavours of malt and some chocolate hints came through too. Combine those flavours together and you end up with a peculiar beer.


Shonan Black IPA One Line Review

Shonan Black IPA is not your usual black IPA but it is a nice IPA. If you can find it, try it.

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Christopher Phillips January 12, 2016 - 12:17 pm

from your flavour description it sounds more like mostly choc or choc wheat. Might be carafa 2 or something similar or dehusked carafa in there. Not sure many brewers here can pull off a good no roasty light bodied blakc ipa such that when you drink it wihtout seeing it, youd swear it wasnt black.
As opposed to just a hoppy stout or porter.

Rob January 12, 2016 - 3:21 pm

You’d definitely know that this is a black IPA from the aroma alone. Chocolate and citrus hops.


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