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Ushitora 9 Chai by Ushitora Brewery

by Rob
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Ushitora 9 Chai is a 7% spice beer, with a milk stout base, from Ushitora Brewery, based in Shimotsuke, in Tochigi, Japan. It is their 369th brew and can be found on tap only in Japan. Ushitora 9 Chai is brewed using chai spice, so all those Starbucks-Pumpkin-spice latte Ugg-boot wearing fans will be happy with this one.

Ushitora 9 Chai Milk Stout・うしとら9ちゃいミルクスタウト

Ushitora 9 Chai Aroma and Taste

What good things are there to say about this beer?

If you like chai, and I mean f**king love chai so much that you have dreams about rolling around covering yourself with the stuff and inhailing it through a nebulizer akin to the spice found in Dune, then you’d love Ushitora 9 Chai.


I hated it.

Every. Single. Drop.

It was so heavily spiced with chai that I could smell it coming before it had even arrived on the table.

It was so heavily spiced that everything I drank or ate after the first tasted like chai.

Fried chicken? Tasted like chai.

Chips? Tasted like chai.

It destroyed my taste buds so much that it was the last beer of the evening for me and I walked away from the drinking session as I couldn’t taste anything else.

How this got kegged and sold is beyond me.

Ushitora 9 Chai The Bottom Line

If you like chai and stouts, you’ll love Ushitora 9 Chai. Normal people would hate it.

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pudgym29 August 14, 2019 - 8:49 am

Look here.This is your beer weblog. Why not tell your readers what your true impression of this beer is? We should expect at least that. X=)}


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