Tainai Kogen Alt by Tainai Kogen Beer

Tainai Kogen Alt 胎内高原アルト

Tainai Kogen Alt is an alt style beer not from Niigata Brewery, the parent company, but rather Tainai Kogen Beer- even though the former is emblazoned across the bottle while the latter is hidden away. Tainai Kogen Alt is brewed using dark, roasted malt in the mix to produce a 5.5% beer.

Tainai Kogen Alt

Why not make the actual producer’s name larger?

Tainai Kogen Alt Aroma and Taste

I first heard of Tainai Kogen Alt at the Keyaki Spring Hiroba Festival in 2015 but only got around to buying the beer recently as it’s not been easy to find. I searched high and low for it and found a special source (well, not that special) who managed to get a couple of bottles from the brewery. Besides having Niigata Brewery emblazoned across the front, nothing came up on their website and was only due to a lucky find that the Tainai Kogen Beer site came up.

Tainai Kogen Alt poured out a dark amber colour with little head to it – there was so little froth that nothing was left on the inside of the bottle. Bonus, no washing out the bottle needed! It had a sweet, caramel malty nose to it with the merest of hops that floated across from the beer. There wasn’t much life in the glass either with a couple of bubbles produced here and there.

It was much bolder in the body though as Tainai Kogen Alt had a rich malt flavour, but it was a tad cloying and sweet for my preferences of an alt beer. It almost had a syrupy texture to it that could be misconstrued as some kind of flat cola- like drink. Tainai Kogen Alt finished off a little bit dry but not as dry as I hoped it would.

Tainai Kogen Alt One Line Review

Tainai Kogen Alt is more of a cross between a brown ale and an amber ale than an alt. It’s not bad but then it’s not a good example of an alt beer.

Where to Buy Tainai Kogen Alt

Tainai Kogen Alt can be bought online from the following places:

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