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Minamishinshu IPA by Minamishinshu Beer Company

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A strange one from Japan but Minamishinshu IPA is a spring seasonal from Minamishinshu Beer Company that seems to be available all-year round though not in production for the whole time. Minamishinshu IPA has an abv of around 6% and is top-fermented though it is packed with four times the amount of hops that Minamishinshu Beer Company usually puts in their beers.

Minamishinshu IPA

Four times the amount of hops means four times the amount of flavour, or that’s how I think it works.

Minamishinshu IPA Aroma and Taste

A few months back, I was dragged, unwillingly I hasten to add, to Craft Beer iBrew under the pretense of cheap beer and laughs, of which I got the first but the second was severely lacking. Call it my sense of humour or the person I was with being unfunny; though I did enjoy drinking Minamishinshu IPA on tap.

It seems though that the transition from draft to bottle was not kind on Minamishinshu IPA as the flourish of floral hops that came through on draft had been dulled after being restrained for so long in the bottle. The once grassy hops had become a dull, muddy sludge on the nose with the sweetness once promised bound and restrained to produce a more malty IPA than I remembered. The copper like body was hazy with a reasonable amount of fluffy head which lingered yet disappeared quickly after taking a sip.

The body was better with the hops playing more of an active role to produce an ever-so-slight floral punch with a citrusy bitterness as well. There was also a peculiar texture of resin that produced a thicker style of IPA than I regularly like though once again the malts were the star as Minamishinshu IPA lent towards the maltier end of the IPA range.


Minamishinshu IPA One Line Review

If you like malty IPAs, then Minamishinshu IPA is for you. If not, then give it a miss.

Where to Buy Minamishinshu IPA

Minamishinshu IPA can be bought from:

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