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Minamishinshu Amber Ale by Minamishinshu Beer Company

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After our first experience with the Minamishinshu range being so positive, we knew that we wanted to try some more. Then Minamishinshu Amber Ale suddenly popped up out of nowhere. It’s a 4.5% amber ale that we’ve seen numerous times on draft but this was our first experience of seeing it in bottles. Minamishinshu Amber Ale also won bronze medal at the Japan Asia Cup back in 2010.

Minamishinshu Amber Ale

A deep fiery red colour.

Minamishinshu Amber Ale Aroma and Taste

Surprisingly, Minamishinshu Amber Ale didn’t pour out with much head on it. There was barely anything on it, perhaps the merest of white layers that quickly left, leaving behind an intense fiery-red body that produce a slight spicy aroma of caramel and malt. It wasn’t too dissimilar to the times we’ve had this on draft at Craft Beer Bar iBrew.

The fiery body of Minamishinshu Amber Ale reminded me of the recent Baird Big Red Machine Fall Classic though the taste was very different. Minamishinshu Amber Ale had a hoppy edge to it that cut through the caramel and malt body as well. Even though the hops were present, there was no discernable bitterness to either the body or the finish. Though the caramel body was sweet, with the dry aftertaste, Minamishinshu Amber Ale stopped being overly sweet.

Minamishinshu Amber Ale One Line Review

Minamishinshu Amber Ale is one of the stronger tasting amber ales I’ve had on BeerTengoku. If you like amber ales, then you’ll like this though if you’ve never had one before, it might put you off.


Where to Buy Minamishinshu Amber Ale

Minamishinshu Amber Ale can be bought from the Minamishinshu Beer Company homepage here as part of a set. Else, we’ve seen Minamishinshu Amber Ale at Nomono in Akihabara and online at GoodBeer also as a set here and also Craftbeers.jp here, either in individual bottles or as part of a set.



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