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Hidatakayama Pale Ale by Hida Takayama Beer

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Hidatakayama Pale Ale is a 5% pale ale from Hida Takayama Beer, based in Takayama City, Gifu. We were eager to try it after having the Hidatakayama Karumina numerous times at one of our local bars, Thrash Zone in Yokohama. After spending a few hours tracking it down, we found Hidatakayama Pale Ale in both bottle and can form though we could not mind much information about it besides being an English style pale ale.

Hidatakayama Pale Ale

Perhaps a smaller bottle or can would have been a better idea?

Hidatakayama Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Our bottle of Hidatakayama Pale Ale was so thick and heavy you could use it for doing some weights. It’s not often that Japanese craft beer comes in 500ml bottles, so please forgive us for being on the weak side. I’m so much more used to smaller cans and bottles that I was carrying this around with two hands, lest I drop it and break my metatarsal, putting me out of the beer world cup.

Rambling nonsense aside, Hidatakayama Pale Ale was drunk in two sessions; once when it was fresh out of the fridge and a bit later once it had warmed up a bit and not ice cold. Both though poured out with a large amount of head and a cloudy golden, straw-like body. The grassy-like hops were noticeable in the aroma coming off of the beer, though nowhere near anything as strong as an IPA, so don’t worry there, with some fruit notes also coming off of it too. As Hidatakayama Pale Ale got warmer, the aromas did become stronger.

Hidatakayama Pale Ale was nice to drink too. The hops were not as bitter as I thought they would be which meant the smoothness of the body wasn’t then tarnished by a bitter edge as some pale ales have had in the past. As it warmed up though, a caramel edge seemed to come through in Hidatakayama Pale Ale and balanced very nicely with the grassy hops. It finished off as smooth as it started though a little bitter when it had warmed up.


Hidatakayama Pale Ale One Line Review

If you can find Hidatakayama Pale Ale, then it’s worth buying as it’s a good example of a pale ale.

Where to Buy Hidatakayama Pale Ale

Hidatakayama Pale Ale can be bought from the Hida Takayama Beer online store here. The only other place we have seen it on sale is from Rakuten on a general search. If you do have it on sale near you, let us know.


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